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Dewan-e- khas’s unique food offering, delightful presentation and cooked-to-order ethos, creates a dining experience that goes well beyond the expectations. enjoy a journey of tastes .fresh ingredients, clothed, marinated and dipped in secret and unusual combinations, the food at our Restaurant is prepared for sharing, for pleasurable moments and for excitement. The menu at Dewan-e-Khas changes with the seasons, along with favourites including .
We offer enjoyable, memorable dining experiences - delicious Pakistani and international cuisines, exciting interiors & stylish hospitality.
Come for genuine delicious food. Our food is totally different from local curry houses.
Food is profoundly linked to everything important in life. Food brings life to us, teaches us to enjoy life. Food has great power, too. Through food, we can reach out to people and demonstrate their importance in our life.
At Dewan e Khas, we strive to bring you the best Pakistani and Continental food with the same love, care and thoughtfulness that a mother would devote. Food is the social cement that brings us together. It's the most basic link between ourselves and our environment. The beautifully elegant long polished tables, crowned by a fringe of iridescent long crystal drops .

Private dining in Dewan e Khas’s beguiling Private Room is a shimmering, exotic, captivating treat. Whether for a business function or a private celebration, this room has a spicy drama quite unlike any other. At Dewan e Khas, we believe food is a celebration of life. A sophisticated venue for intimate parties and family Dining.

Most Important Business Secret of Our Restaurant is to Give you Back maximum Value of Your Money.That is why Our Prices are Very Very Reasonable.


Chichawatni (Punjab)

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