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     Welcome to one of the most innovative Banquet hall of Pakistan, where art and originality elegantly combine to offer you some rare spectacles. Located in a busy district, the sparkling facade and chic environment will fill you with wonder.
Imagine an experience created to meet your every desire, where you are much more than a name on register - where service is not just a word - it is a way of being. The style surrounds you and makes you feel sophisticated. You can actually feel the vibes of glamour, movie stars and intellectuals that give Chichawatni a vibrant history. Taj Mahal Marriage Hall, Chichawatni possesses a legacy that makes you realize that there is no place like this - yet your experience is essentially and uniquely yours.
This is what we offer you.

   Taj Mahal Marriage Hall will surround you in luxury, and the decor will captivate your guests creating a sophisticated ambiance, which will be "unforgettable". Our elegant banquet hall settings will provide the perfect venue for your wedding celebrations. Whether you are having a gathering for 100 guests or 1500 people, come preview our banquet halls. Furthering our commitment to excellent service, quality and your convenience, our experienced staff will help to make your day a memorable one.At Taj Mahal Marriage Hall, we want to make sure that you're well taken care of and treated in a courteous and professional manner.


Chichawatni (Punjab)

Marriage Hall

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